RASHI is equipped with higher end ultrasound GE Voluson with 4D colour doppler features that aid early pregnancy, antenatal, anomaly and foetal doppler studies.

RASHI is equipped with 300MA GE X-Ray machines which are best to take X-Ray for bones, skull, soft tissues and abdominal X-Rays.

RASHI is equipped with Fuji Computerized Radiography system for digitalizing images. We can generate X-Ray films in 1-2 minutes with best quality images. With or without contrast media.

RASHI Radiologist and Imaging centers are well monitored and reported by experienced, trained radiographers and qualified Radiologists.

Radiologists at RASHI:

  • Dr. Vijaya, MBBS DMRD.
  • Dr. Sahana Shankar, MBBS DMRD.
  • Dr. Krishna Gayathri, MBBS MDRD.
  • Dr. Somu ELagovan, MBBS DMRD.
  • Dr. Suresh Nalwal, MBBS DMRD.
  • Dr. Jansi Rani, MBBS DMRD.
  • Dr. Raghavendra, MBBS DMRD.
  • Dr. Girish, MBBS DMRD.
  • Dr. Himaja, DMRD DNB.
Ultrasound Scan Colour Doppler Digital X-Ray Computerised Radiography Barium Studies

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